EastCoastCactus is a one man operation located in central New Jersey and was started in 2010 to help finance my  cactus obsession.

I don’t use any online payment methods so you you would either have to pick up your cactus here and pay cash or snail mail me a check/money order.

For cuttings less than one pound in weight shipping cost by USPS First Class Mail Parcel should be under $5 within the USA.

Cacti for sale

Cereus Peruvianus – also called the Peruvian Apple Cactus. Easy to grow and tolerant. Will survive mild freeze but must be taken inside in the winter here in NJ. Huge white fragrant flowers- if you can pollinate them with pollen from another cactus will give you edible sweet red fruit and seeds.

$6.00 for unrooted cuttings usually 6-8″. $20.00+ for large rooted plants usually 15-24″. Use the “Contact Us” form to inquire about purchase, include your zip code for ship costs.


Trichocereus – currently have cuttings of Pachanoi, Bridgesii, Peruvianus, and Macrogonus that were taken from seed grown cacti. Seeds came from reputable German greenhouse Koehres. Also have cuttings of Icaro DNA variety which looks to be a Peruvianus and cuttings for the “premier cultivar” which is a short spine variety considered to be Pachanoi.

$10.00 for small rooted cuttings shipped dry root usually 3-6″. $5.00 for small unrooted cuttings. Limited availability and Bridgesii is the cutting currently have the most stock of. $15.00+ for larger rooted cuttings:



Cylindropuntia imbricata – also called Cholla cactus, cane cactus, walking stick cactus, tree cactus, and by many other names. Fast growing, very hardy, and can take a lot of watering without negative effects. $6.00 for rooted cuttings usually around 6-12″

Mammillaria Gracilis Fragilis – small white prolific spreading cactus. $5.00 for a “bunch” like what is shown in photos. These are easy to grow and put out tons of little pups which will easily detach from the main part and root on their own. For the most part don’t have sharp spines but when they get larger will put out a few longer ones as well as small flowers. No seeds yet but hoping will get some soon, may need to be pollinated by separate plant.


Pereskiopsis Spathulata – commonly called Peres. Generally used as a grafting cactus to speed up the growth of seedlings. Extremely tolerant, can take a lot of abuse, a lot of water, and a lot of fertilizer (for a cactus). I have read about people growing this hydroponically as well.  $4.00 for a single well rooted cutting or $5.00 for three unrooted cuttings.



Ed is a long time enthusiast of all things green and growing.


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Back around 2009 I purchased my first “San Pedro” cutting from an online auction site. The seller told me he picked up the plant in Arizona and it was Pachanoi variety. It has very short spines, grows fast, and puts out lots of pups from the base. Then I started thinking about getting serious about …